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Welcome to Iwigá

Healing Medicine From Plants

Iwiga is a place of holistic healing, a safe space where you can acquire skills to construct tools, excel, and prosper your way through life. 


Our desire is to pave the way for the breakthrough of the deepest desires of your lifetime, then you transform those desires to dreams and natural processes. This is the alchemical journey or iwigá maachí or transparent spirit, of turning dreams, ideas, and visions into physical reality.  To take care of you, with love and courage.

Our Services & Programs

All services and programs are offered in our Center in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

The Medicine Experience

Herbalism has been a primary form of medicine throughout much of human history. Also known as herbal medicine, the use of plants for medicinal purposes is still widely practiced worldwide. Although Western medicine classifies herbalism as “alternative medicine,” plant-derived compounds form the basis of many modern pharmaceutical drugs.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy by tapping into the importance of religion or spirituality within a person’s life. It aims to integrate standard therapy techniques with religious/spiritual practices and wisdom.


Counseling is offered in-person in Dr. Hurtado's private practice or globally online via Zoom.  Dr. Hurtado is bilingual in Spanish and English. 


While we practice an authentic indigenous healing tradition, we have also found a number of complimentary practices that serve to enhance that ancestral tradition, for these practices also originated from ancestral traditions from other cultures around the world. The Center's assistant healers have studied and continue to study and practice an increasing number of complimentary practices which are included in the treatment process during retreats and courses, and which will also be researched to demonstrate their effectiveness not just at enhancing the healing tradition of curanderismo, but of all healing traditions, and life in general. 


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