In this retreat, you will have the option of participating in a Cannabis Ceremony at various times. These ceremonies are free. They are not a required part of the retreat, but if you have the chance, we encourage you to participate!

Many people have used Cannabis recreationally, maybe even abused it through addiction. Most people never even thought of Cannabis as actual shamanic medicine, but it is.

When it is abused, it is detrimental to your life path, possibly even making it impossible to complete your life’s purpose. When it is revered and used with respect, Cannabis has many gifts for you. When Cannabis (Marijuana) is used in a ceremonial and purposeful format, it is a powerful medicine for healing. 

Learn how to use Cannabis in a healthy way for your life. Watch and learn how to conduct a Cannabis Ceremony for yourself and teach your friends how to do it. This will change your relation to this medicine if your relation to Cannabis needs improvement. 

Cannabis Only During Ceremonies, Please

We ask participants not to smoke Cannabis recreationally outside of the Cannabis Ceremony. The retreat needs to stay focused, so please do not use Cannabis recreationally while you are here.

There will be several times to take it in our Cannabis Ceremonies, usually in the evenings between the Magic Mushroom Ceremonies and sometimes toward the end of the Magic Mushroom Ceremony itself to help with the contemplation of what you just experienced. 

This is a very purposeful way to use Cannabis, so please honor that this is only to be used ceremonially at specific times with the group. We want you to stay sharp enough between your Magic Mushroom Ceremonies to integrate the changes that are happening for you! We do not want everyone to be “foggy” all day with waking and baking or even smoking it in the afternoons. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you partake in this way.

This is serious work and not a “party zone” vacation type of thing. This is an opportunity to learn how to use medicines, spiritually, and reverently. 

NOTE, BEFORE THE RETREAT: If you are a heavy Cannabis smoker, we suggest you stop smoking Cannabis for two weeks before you come to your Magic Mushroom Retreat. This is to open all the receptors that are occupied during addictive, daily use so that the Magic Mushrooms can enter your consciousness. Magic Mushrooms use the same receptors that also hold Cannabis compounds. If the receptors are already filled with Cannabis compounds, the Magic Mushrooms medicine will not enter.

While Cannabis is used at this retreat, it does not mean that addictive, daily use is encouraged. It is discouraged because daily use is an abuse of sacred medicine. This is an opportunity to be with Cannabis in a ceremonial format. Try it! You will meet Cannabis as a medicine rather than a recreational “party” drug. It is vital to honor Cannabis as medicine at this retreat. 

How A Cannabis Ceremony Is Conducted

The Cannabis Ceremony starts with each person taking a moment of silence to set their intentions on what they hope to get from the ceremony. Any intention is excellent. 

The Cannabis sacrament is then passed using a chill-um, so no one’s mouth is touching a pipe, and diseases cannot be passed. Do not worry; we will teach you how to use a chill-um if you do not know how already. Each person partakes of potent Cannabis specially selected for this retreat. After everyone has partaken, another round is given to anyone who wants more. More rounds are passed until everyone is satisfied. Remember, more is not always better! 

Music is played, and a guided healing meditation takes place. The ceremony facilitators and helpers move around the circle to bless and cleanse each person, getting them ready for tomorrow’s Magic Mushroom Ceremony, and helping them with whatever comes up with the Cannabis Ceremony. 

A Cannabis Ceremony lasts for about 2 hours from beginning to end. Then you are free to take a walk by the beach, talk with your new friends at the retreat, or do whatever you like before bed! We encourage you not to stay up too late because you have a Magic Mushroom Ceremony the next day! 

NOTE: Sometimes, Cannabis will be offered during a Magic Mushroom Ceremony, after the initial peak has come and gone. This can help prolong and intensify the experience, and make the ending of the Magic Mushroom journey smoother. Sometimes Cannabis can calm someone who is having a difficult time during their journey if they resonate with Cannabis. 

Meet Cannabis – For Real!

Meeting Cannabis in a Cannabis Ceremony will feel to many of you like a first meeting. It has very different effects when used conventionally. Very few people genuinely know what benefits Cannabis can bring when used in this intentional way.

Cannabis aligns with deep healing for emotional, mental, and even physical issues for those who need it. It helps you go within, find a sense of relaxation, and gives you a chance to look at what needs to heal and what must be let go. Some people will find the strains we use somewhat hallucinatory, too, bringing back the visions you had with the Magic Mushroom medicine. 

Enjoy learning how to have a genuine and sincere relationship with the medicine that Cannabis is by participating in a Cannabis Ceremony. You will find that you may never approach it quite the same way again after having this experience!