Here is a simple exercise you can do prior to your Teonamácatl Ceremony experience. Here are a few questions to ask yourself so you are clear on what your intentions are for experiencing a Teonamácatl Ceremony.

Questions To Ask Yourself About A Magic Mushroom Retreat:

  • What is the purpose of doing a Teonamácatl Ceremony?

  • What are my intentions for doing a Teonamácatl Ceremony?

  • Is a Magic Mushroom Retreat the right path for me?

  • What are my expectations for a Teonamácatl Ceremony? What do I hope to gain, heal, or attain?

  • What kind of environment do I need in order to be comfortable and at ease in my Teonamácatl Ceremony experience?

  • Would I rather there be a shaman with 1000’s of ceremonies or experience or put myself in the hands of people who don’t have shamanic training?

  • Do I trust the Teonamácatl Ceremony Retreat Center(s) that I am thinking of going to?

  • Do I trust the experience of the Teonamácatl Ceremony Retreat company I am putting my confidence in? Do they have years and years of experience with medicine ceremonies?

  • Have I read the reviews of any given center and feel comfortable with what I have read?

As you clarify these questions for yourself, you will have a better understanding of what you are looking for in a Teonamácatl Ceremony experience.

Exercise For Choosing The Right Magic Mushroom Retreat Experience For Me

Now use your intuition and the feeling in your heart to choose the Magic Mushroom Retreat center that you want to go to. For each center or group, you are thinking of working with, see yourself at their facilities and being in one of their Teonamácatl Ceremonies.

  • How do you feel?

  • What is the sense that you have about your experience?

Now walk a little bit into the future of that retreat and see how you feel again.

  • Has it been what you had hoped for? Are you comfortable?

  • Do you feel well cared for? Are you at ease?

  • Do you feel supported? Are you meeting the kinds of people you wanted to meet?

  • Are you getting what you came for?

Now walk even further into the future after your Teonamácatl Ceremony experience has finished.

  • Do you feel enriched, enlightened, glad that you did the retreat there?

  • See what your heart feels.

If your heart feels light, joyful, or excited and you really want to do it, then it’s the right choice for you. If your heart is heavy, unsure, or doubtful, then it is not the right choice for you.

It is simple to make a choice. Follow what your heart says to do, not what your mind might logically come up with. Your mind can mislead you, whereas your heart has information your mind does not, and knows if something feels right.

This is a way to choose the right Teonamácatl Ceremony experience for yourself. Use this exercise for choosing between all the things in your life, not just a Teonamácatl Ceremony. This is a technique for determining what your heart says instead of just what the mind says!