At Iwigá, we practice alternative approaches to healing and life/psycho-coaching because traditional psychotherapy isn’t for everyone and isn’t the right fit for all problems.

Not all individuals who want help living a better life have a mental health disorder and need a mental health provider. Often the people he sees in his coaching practice have been in traditional therapy for years and still are not where they want to be. This is where the integration of the body and spirit is so essential. Finally, sometimes we are just naturally stuck and need help to achieve our goals. Sometimes coaching is a better fit.

Coaching and therapy are different even if they overlap in places. We appreciate the ability to integrate a holistic approach when working as a coach.


There are also protections afforded within a therapist-patient relationship. We will discuss the similarities and differences with you to ensure your needs are able to be addressed within coaching. If your needs require more than what he can provide as a wellness coach, he will make a referral to a licensed mental health provider. As appropriate, he collaborates with an individual’s healthcare provider and coordinates care to enable his clients to thrive.


As an integrated/alternative provider, we neither make nor treats medical or mental diagnoses. we are not operating as a licensed physician or psychologist providing traditional medical or mental health treatment. We implement a holistic spiritual approach and integrate an individual’s body, mind, and spirit/spirituality because sometimes we are stuck in one or all of these vital areas of our experience.


Our Life/Psycho-Coaches are formally trained to work with both the mind and the body. We implement strategies complementary to the healing arts services that are offered by providers who are licensed by the state. As such, we offer services that are in compliance with California state laws, including California Business & Professional Code § 2053.6 in our practice.