Couples and Relationship

In the midst of another fight, you might catch yourself wondering how things got to this point.  Stuck in the same argument.  You may think back and fondly remember the joy you experienced when you first started dating.  Those happy memories seem surreal when you consider the pain you feel in your relationship today.

Perhaps you are so worried that you say nothing at all.  You avoid difficult subjects with your partner and silently suffer just to keep the relationship afloat.  It may feel as if you are living separate lives under one roof.

You probably feel worn out and hopeless when you consider all the ways you have tried to fix your relationship.  If it seems like things will never change, I am here to offer you hope.

In couples counseling, we will explore new ways to communicate and address conflict.
We work together to strengthen the friendship and appreciation within your relationship while empowering you and your partner with new tools to reconnect.  If you are looking to explore any of the following, then I can help:

*Gridlocked issues              *Physical or emotional affairs       *Kinks/Fetishes
*Communication issues        *Sexual functioning                    *Premarital counseling
*Unsupportive families         *Adjusting to a change in life       
*Lack of respect or care        *More than monogamy 



Sex Positive

Sexual shame abounds in today’s world and it causes a great deal of distress for everyone. We are bombarded with messages on what sex, love, dating, hookups, and marriage ought to be like. The truth is, the only “normal” when it comes to sexuality is diversity. There are countless ways to connect with yourself and others, all uniquely beautiful to the individuals who cherish those particular forms of connection. Be kinky or vanilla, monogamous, or more than monogamous; just work on being true to yourself and proud. Some common topics explored in sex-positive therapy are:

*Sexual functioning            *Sexual confidence 
*Kinks/Fetishes                  *Sexual arousal
*More than monogamy       *Dating apps
*LGBTQ+ sex                    *Dating
*Hookups                         *Porn and erotica 
*Sex toys                            
*Rekindling desire 



You do not have to face this alone. I offer a safe place where empathy and understanding allow for your authentic self to surface. Through our connection in therapy, we can explore your challenges and strengths.  Using our relationship in session as a guide, you will have the opportunity to discover new insights and move towards your goals. I have worked with clients on a number of issues in individual counseling, including:

*Anxiety                       *Anger management
*Trauma                       *Depression
* Self-worth                   *Dating and sex
*Feeling unfulfilled          *Parenting skills
*Guilt and shame           *Life changes
*Career issues               *Lack of connection in relationships
*Identity formation          *Substance abuse and coping with a loved one’s using


LGBTQ+ Issues

The world can be chaotic and unkind, especially to those who are different. I am committed to working with LGBTQ+ individuals, and I strive to create a safe place where people feel empowered to be authentic. The stress that inequality places on individuals is important to explore during sessions. Many people are often surprised by how discrimination (or fear of discrimination) has impacted their decisions, sense of self, and even intimate relationships. I have helped people with issues such as:

*Coming out                           *Questioning sexuality/gender
*HIV/AIDS                             *Work stress
*Shame and guilt                     *Bullying
*Aging                                  *Relationship issues
*Substance abuse                   *Dating/sex
*Bisexuality and belonging       *Transitioning
*Unsupportive families