Welcome to Iwigá Balance!

Iwigá Balance is the workshop program that is intended to help us all take better care of body, mind, spirit, one another, and this world.  Many of our programs intentionally provoke more questions than give easy answers.

Current Iwigá Balance Offerings:

  • Due to COVID restrictions we have suspended our current workshops and working on modifying them to an online format.  Stay tuned. 

Past Iwigá Balance workshops have included:

  • Music Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Surviving Spiritual Abuse

  • The Mysteries of Birth and Death

  • The Creative Power of Visualization

  • Influence of Thoughts and Prayer on Health

  • Theology

  • Introduction to Scriptural Studies

  • Introduction to the Old Catholic Church

  • Ethics

  • Moral Theology

  • Old Catholic Catholic Social Justice 

  • The Mysteries