Iwigá Psycho-Coaching

Each person starts with unique and unrepeatable qualities. During the life coaching process, you will work on what is special about you, looking for strategies that will help you in your own development, empowering your own resources to achieve the desired changes.

In this way, these meetings aim to enhance your ability to freely and responsibly decide who you are and how you position yourself in front of reality, without the past, future, norms, or expectations interfering with your decisions.

Starting this process is a great step that, for different reasons (pride, denial, fear, etc.), many do not dare to take. However, this is the first step toward emotional fulfillment and independence, your own well-being, and the happiness that all of us deserve.


It is not therapy, consulting, or counseling. Life or Psycho-Coaching focuses on your present context, to search for solutions and results, whether in the personal area, interpersonal relationships, and/or business, facilitating the projection to achieve a goal or vision for the future through a methodology that will help you and it will allow us to discover what your abilities are, to recognize your obstacles while creating an action plan to achieve that vision of life that you desire.

Our fee is $200.00 USD per coaching hour. We accept cash and electronic transfer, payment is due after each session. We do offer a sliding scale. Contact us to talk about any financial questions you may have. 

Objectives to work:


  • Increase and reinforce self-esteem and confidence.

  • Accompaniment in decision-making aligned to their own values.

  • Overcome anxiety and suffering.

  • To deepen in the knowledge of oneself.

  • Learn to focus on strengths.

  • Promote your Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn to use techniques to let go of the past, as well as to face any challenge of the present life.

  • Increase the level of consciousness in all areas of life: relationships, health, professional success, personal growth and the development of skills to live life more fully.

  • Accompaniment and development of your Personal Action Plan to achieve your objectives.

  • Intervene in other types of sensations, thoughts and experiences.