Teonanácatl or most commonly known as hallucinogenic or magic mushrooms.  Teonamácatl (Nahuatl pronunciation: [teoːnaˈnakat͡ɬ]) has been variously translated as "sacred or divine mushroom" or as "flesh of the gods."  Mushrooms dipped in honey were served amongst both the gods in heaven and at the coronation of kings.  To gather them, priests would go out into the hills and remain praying until the breeze at dawn began to blow.  

Modern Mexican Indians consider the unusual saint named El Niño to be the patron of the mushroom.  Virgin girls collect these during a new moon and place them reverently on his altar.

Teonamácatl was served at the banquets of wealthy merchants.  Once eaten, spirits would enter the men with a kaleidoscope of visions, in which each beheld his own fate:  One man sees himself captured in war, another eaten by wildcats, one sees himself rich and happy, another executed for adultery, yet another laid low in a rooftop fall.  When the intoxication passed, the men---whether laughing or washing their eyes with tears---discussed what they had seen.


Our Teonamácatl Ceremonies are held in intimate group settings, open to both men and women, with plenty of experienced, compassionate, skilled, gentle helpers to facilitate whatever you need. You will experience a beautiful adventure in consciousness during this ceremony, heal your past, and let go of anxiety. You will be guided every step of the way on how to handle what you are experiencing. 

This Teonamácatl Ceremony format is Earthy and close to your heart. This is not a clinical approach to Teonamácatl medicine, but rather a heart-centered approach. True healing happens much deeper than clinical psychology methods can reach.

While the facilitators at the Center are quite familiar and well versed in psychology methods, and some of these methods are used, going straight to the heart to allow a transparent soul or iwiga maachi, is what a Teonamácatl Ceremony is all about. 

Teonamácatl Ceremony Part I

First, sage is passed. Each person cleanses himself or herself with sage. Instructions on how to do this are given at the beginning of the first Teonamácatl Ceremony.

The healer calls in protection forces to keep the ceremony safe. Once the guardians have gathered, a prayer of gratitude is offered.

Each participant offers his or her own intention prayer either aloud or silently, whichever he or she prefers. 

(optional) A special tobacco liquid is passed for snorting, which opens the neural pathways for the medicine. All you do is put a tiny bit of the liquid in your palm and snort first with one nostril, then the other. You will feel a tingling in your head as the thousand-petaled lotus opens up. If you have a headache at any time during the ceremony, ask for the liquid tobacco. Works better than an aspirin and results are immediate! 

Remember, this is optional so you are welcome to pass the liquid tobacco to the next person if you don’t want to partake. We suggest you try it, though! It’s amazing! Opens the receptors in the brain to the medicine.

Teonamácatl Ceremony Part II

The Teonamácatl Ceremony medicine is passed and the journey begins. Within 15 to 30 minutes you will begin to feel the medicine. Just breathe! If you feel nausea, put your hand to your heart and invite the medicine in. Don’t resist. Some people feel fear at first when the magic mushroom medicine begins to take off, but you will be fine. Promise! Just go with it and begin the journey inward.

If you do feel nausea to the point of throwing up, you will have your own bucket behind your seat to use. You probably won’t be nauseous because the healer makes the Teonamácatl Ceremony medicine into a tea, which travels more easily through your body.

During the ceremony, you will have the chance to dive deep into your inner worlds. Facilitators will help you in every way you need. Journey music and the shaman guide the energy. If any person has a difficult time, there are plenty of helpers to assist or comfort you.

If a person is having a particularly loud process, a helper takes him or her to a separate area where the process can happen without disturbing the rest of the group. Also, NO ONE IS EVER LEFT ALONE with the medicine. You always have a facilitator with you to help you through the process even if there is a need to be apart from the group during a difficult process. Your safety is our primary focus. 

Teonamácatl Ceremony Part III

As the ceremony goes on, the healer will pass out more Teonamácatl medicine. The healer is generous and will not limit your intake, as long as you are able to handle your process. Not many Teonamácatl Retreat organizations will do this for you, so this is a special thing we do differently than other retreats and facilitators!

You can ask for more at any time after the first two rounds are passed if you feel you need it. We will give you whatever amount you need to make sure you have the experience you are looking for. Some people are lightweights, some need more, and it’s hard to tell who will be which until the ceremony is happening.

The shaman will never give you too much, and won’t give you more if you are not handling it well. The good thing is that you will never be left wanting for experience, though. We make sure you have whatever amount you need to have the journey you came for. We won’t hold you back.  

Music is played throughout the ceremony. The shaman uses a combination of live music with various musical instruments, and certain ethereal journey playlists created specifically for these ceremonies. The music is incredible and takes you on a journey to the universe within you!

Through the whole ceremony, the shaman is holding the healing space, moving around the circle to assist with whatever energies need to be moved, making sure all is in order. There are also periods of silence where we simply enjoy the nature sounds while we journey! 

The shaman will guide you in ways that make the best use of the journey for healing and awakening. You are not left on your own at any time to figure out what you’re supposed to do with this experience. For the most part, your own inner wisdom will guide your journey, but sometimes a little suggestion from the outside is useful. The shaman will know when or if that is needed. 

There will be a point in the ceremony when the medicine starts to wind down. During this time, relax, breathe, and let the new realizations and healing you just experienced settle into your body, mind, and emotions. The spirit guardians of the ceremony move about the circle and seal the healing for you so you are not vulnerable after the ceremony is over. 

The ceremony is closed with a water prayer, and everyone drinks the sacred water that has been in the energy of the ceremony all this time.

Then we eat a wonderful meal prepared by our chef!


Cannabis Note

Cannabis Note: On your first Teonamácatl ceremony, no Cannabis will be included. However, it may be offered if the energy is right for it, in ONE of the other two Teonamácatl Ceremonies. Some people experience an intensified experience with Teonamácatl when Cannabis is introduced at a specific time during the Teonamácatl Ceremony. It is not useful at the beginning, but somewhere in the middle or second half of the ceremony Cannabis can intensify and heighten your experience. 


Both Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms work well together as medicines! Some don’t go together well, but these two do! 

This is optional, of course, but we suggest you try it! Cannabis will most likely be included in the 2nd of the 3 Teonamácatl, just so you can see how your experience is different or changed by it. Cannabis can also prolong the effects of Teonamácatl medicine.

You will be offered some optional Cannabis Ceremony moments during the retreat which will be separate from the Magic Mushroom Ceremony experiences, so you will have a chance to be with the Cannabis medicine either way if you want to. Read here about the Cannabis Ceremony. 

*Please Note: 

Retreat prices include session facilitation and integration services. For these services, you will be billed electronically by Paypal. These prices DO NOT include the cost of mushroom medicine for your retreat. Psilocybin is legal in Mexico when done in a ceremonial and sacramental context. Due to current regulations outside of Mexico, Ekklesia Iwiga, Center for Spiritual Renewal does not include the cost of the Teonamácatl medicine in the retreat package price. Guests will be served medicine at the discretion of the medicine man/woman at the retreat under their guidance and our collective decision. Guests will be asked to pay a service fee to the shaman, whatever they decide is fair, for the medicine and their time. Shamans will always give medicine for free if someone cannot pay. In this challenging landscape, we are committed to providing our guests with the safest, most legal option in psilocybin-assisted retreats.