Meet our Healers

Ana Luisa García Quiñones

Guest Ayahuasca &. Kambo Facilitator

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Ana is from Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico. She has extensive knowledge learned from many Amazonian healers in Peru and Colombia. Ana has mastered the art of plant medicines, and very challenging dietas to earn her corona (medicine hat).

She has been working with master plants and have been holding ceremonies and healing for many years. She is kind, generous, and extremely wise and believes that openness and unconditional regard are vital components for creating and preserving sacred space. Compassion and altruism give her a benevolent and sincere demeanor as she joyfully works to bring healing to all the encounters.

Ana wholeheartedly welcomes all individuals who are suffering to participate in the ceremony, so that they can experience the amazing benefits of the sacred medicines and the ancient healing traditions of Nana Ayahuasca.

Justin Hurtado Palomo

Lead Owirúame

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Justin Hurtado Palomo, Ph.D., is 45 years old and has collected plenty of life experience. He is the founder of the Ekklesia Iwiga, Inc, which includes the Iwiga Center for Psychology and Learning in Mexico and the Centers for Spiritual Renewal in San Jose, CA, and Jalisco, Mexico.


Justin Hurtado Palomo is also a trained and very experienced owirúame ("the one that heals") with leading many ceremonies. You will be in good hands with him as you go through your journey. 


Traveling extensively, Justin has given loads of spiritual meditation retreats, even free retreats to those who don't have any money. He cares a lot about people on a spiritual path and helps them heal from the past and embrace a beautiful life. 


He has also facilitated many sacred plant medicine ceremonies and has decades of experience with sacred plant ceremonies and medicine retreats. He founded Ekklesia Iwiga Center for Spiritual Renewal for offering Teonamácatl, Jíkuri, and Ayahuasca ceremonies. He runs ceremonies himself and works with other owirúame and shamans. He splits his time between the EI Center for Spiritual Renewal in Mexico most of the time. He spends the rest of his time visiting the United States to providing Spiritual workshops and Spiritual Counseling. 

Justin Hurtado-Palomo has earned the owirúame title through hard work and training, putting in many long years of work into earning the title. He has made life changes, did his spiritual growth, and learned life's lessons in a tangible way. He has worked in shamanism for the majority of his life. 


He also earned great respect for his work in opening the Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal in Mexico, which was no easy feat! 


Justin brings a special otherworldly touch to sacred plant ceremonies through his vast knowledge and experience with spiritual paths, not just shamanism.


He has studied spiritual texts galore and walked many spiritual paths to find familiar among them. He brings a magical touch to the medicine ceremonies he runs, with the ancient traditions solidly on one side and modern esoteric spirituality on the other. 


A wise spiritual counselor, compassionate healer, Justin Hurtado-Palomo, brings beauty to medicine ceremonies uniquely. Everyone who sits in his traditions loves him and his way of conducting them. 

He knows how to help every person somehow. He has unique skills for seeing what people need, their pasts, and even their past lives. He can see their auras and determine where the blockages are. He also has an uncanny way of going straight to the core of what needs to be healed. He beautifully touches everyone's heart. A divine golden light flows from her into the world. 


Justin Hurtado-Palomo doesn't keep a lot of money for himself. His prime directive is to help anyone who wants to heal and awaken, in whatever way they need in any given moment. That is what is most important to him. This is not an era for making tons of money, he says. This is the Great Awakening of Humanity, and he does his part to make it possible for every individual to ride this wave.

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