The word iwigá is taken from the Rarámuri* belief that spirit is breath and the breath is the essence of our soul. Because this essence has no form as such, it has since ancient times been equated with Spirit. 

The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal was founded to come alongside those on their spiritual journey. Iwigá is a place of holistic (mind, body, and spirit) healing, a safe space where you can acquire skills to construct tools, excel and prosper your way through life.


Our desire is to pave the way for the breakthrough of the deepest desires of your lifetime, then you transform those desires to dreams and natural processes. This is the alchemical journey of turning dreams, ideas, and visions into physical reality. To take care of you, with love and courage.


When your heart, soul, intention, and purpose are aligned, there is no turning back. This is a transparent spirit or iwiga maachi.  Your life will ignite in the best way possible. If your desire is to make a million bucks or if your desire is to love more fearlessly, from this foundation you’ll learn to build your strategy.

Our goal is to help connect you to your most empowered version of life.


Through the use of the tools of our indigenous ancestors, the completion of many years of study with our shamanic grandparents and education.  Our desire is to help you navigate the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be, living your highest potential.


There you will find the basis for a life of authentic communication, emotional intelligence, connected way, innate leadership, and amplified intuition. These are the ingredients for a lifetime of high performance.


Only from this place, you can define what success means to you, and only from this place, you can do it. As a transformational life coach, we live for your victories!


When your heart, soul, intent, and purpose are aligned, no turning back. Your life will go on in the best way possible. If your desire is to live is more congruent life or if your desire is to love more fearlessly, you will learn from this base to build their strategy.



Peace Profound,

The Iwigá Team

Our Approach

Our team uses a well-balanced, integrated approach to human and spiritual potential. In other words, they always see the best in the client and seek the best possible for the client. We believe that whether a coach is working with corporate clients or a person in transition or confusion - it is the coach’s job to create a safe place for transformation to occur. Our commitment to YOU is to offer a comfortable, neutral space to allow for your own amazing changes to happen throughout the training. Have fun, work hard... you've knocked on the right door.


The organizational purpose of Ekklesia Iwiga, Inc. is to provide care and services to all, regardless of religious or nonreligious beliefs; promote education and use of sacred medicines; address the needs of those underserved, and those who may not have access to needed assistance; promote education of sacred medicines; promote peace, compassion, and mutual understanding among others through programming, advocacy, outreach, and support; and to operate such programs, entities, and activities.

Our Commitment to You

1.  At The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal we honor the sacredness of others and hold their confidences.  


2.  At The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal we respect other’s perceptions of the world and meet them where they are.


3. At The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal we are impeccable with our word and commitments.


4.  At The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal we connect from the heart.


5. At The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal we hold our client and the world in positive focus.


6.  At The Iwigá Center for Spiritual Renewal we take responsibility for ourselves and allow others to do the same.

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