Harness Your Inner Strength

Are you at a point in your life where you feel particularly weak? Here are 5 things you can start to do today to harness your inner strength.

Do you feel like you lack the inner strength to succeed or you just don’t have what it takes to achieve wonderful things?

If this is you, read on because you’re going to learn five extremely effective ways to harness your inner strength and make anything and everything you desire 100% possible!

That’s what life is about, isn’t it? Going after your dreams and making them a reality? Achieving levels that put you light years ahead of where you are now?

#1: Look at your past

As pointed out in the song by Emerson Drive titled I’ve Had My Moments, we all have times of greatness in our lives; times when we’ve felt on top of the world and in control of our destiny.

So, if you want to harness your inner strength, you need to remind yourself of these times to reinforce that you are a strong, amazing woman – even if you don’t feel like one at this particular point in time.

It’s usually much easier to recall the moments in which we feel like we’ve failed ourselves and others. We stay focused on these situations when we’ve let down the people we love and use them to define us. However, it’s time to shift directions and spend more of your brain power remembering the times that you’ve excelled.

Think of the moments in your own past where your inner strength was at an ultimate high. Maybe it was when you gave birth to one of your children or when you earned a promotion at work. Perhaps it’s when you received an award or achieved a goal.

Whatever it is, remember how you felt right then and use that feeling to give you the strength you need at this point in your life.

#2: Rely on your faith

Whether you have specific faith (such as in a particular religion) or generalized faith (as in the overall belief that things always work out), now is the time to hold onto those beliefs even tighter. Turn off the worry and rely on your faith to pull you through.

When you know that everything happens for a reason, it’s much easier to stomach the times when you struggle. After all, good things are waiting for you on the other side, you just have to wait things out in the meantime.

It can be difficult to stay in faith when you can’t see how things are going to work out, but they always do, don’t they? In fact, most often, they end up working out better than you could have ever imagined.

#3: Quit comparing yourself to others

Women are very good at comparing themselves and their lives to other peoples. We tell ourselves that we’re not strong because there is someone else out there who is tougher than we are. We convince ourselves that we aren’t worthy since we don’t handle things ‘perfectly,’ like someone else we either heard of or know personally.

However, the nice thing about inner strength is that it is within us. It isn’t dependent upon what other people do, say or believe in their own lives. It’s about us, and only us. That means that it is time to quit comparing yourself to everyone else.

Maybe someone handled a certain situation better than you or made a choice that worked out better. Perhaps they had greater knowledge in a certain area or possess skills that you haven’t yet mastered. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t great and strong. It only means that they’re better at some things than you.

But, the converse is true as well. There are lots of things that you excel at that others can’t do.

For instance, I am a fairly good marksman. In my law enforcement years, I got pretty good at hitting a bullseye when I shot my pistol. Of course, there are several people that shoot far better than me, but that doesn’t make me any less accurate. I’m proud of my abilities and aren’t ashamed that I have room to improve.

I guess what I’m trying to say is to not let yourself feel inferior because someone else does something better or seems to have more strength. Know that you’re capable of getting yourself through whatever is going on in your life; judge yourself on your own merit and not someone else’s.

#4: Focus on the positives

We all have traits that we’d like to change. Maybe you procrastinate more than you’d like or you don’t have the level of patience you wish you had. However, instead of looking at your negatives, focus more on your positives if you want to feel stronger and better about yourself.

Are you the person that everyone comes to because they know that you’re always willing to lend a helping hand? Do you often get asked to do things by your employer because he or she knows that not only will you do it, but you’ll also make sure it is done right?

When you are feeling weak and unable to be successful, remind yourself of the many positive qualities you have. Make a list and refer to it when you’re questioning your abilities. Acknowledge your skills and be proud of them.

#5: Give yourself no other option than to be strong

If I give myself an out, I’ll take it every time. I can make excuses like the best of them and come up with every possible reason for any shortcoming that I have. However, this isn’t how I want to live my life. I would rather be strong than weak; a victor versus a victim.

To have this same attitude in your life, give yourself no other option than to be a survivor. Don’t fall into a victim mentality and allow yourself to give up. After all, strength is a state of mind, not a direct reflection of your skills and abilities.

Knowing this, you’ll want to create a mindset in which you tell yourself that you’ll go through whatever you have to go through and won’t stop until you come out on top. Refuse to be the person that refuses to take control and spends her days lying on the couch wondering what is going to happen next.

Instead, become the woman that approaches life head on and looks at struggles as challenges; at hurdles as opportunities. Change your perception and you’ll change your life.

After considering all the above, you have to realize that although your inner strength isn’t always forefront in your mind, it’s there nonetheless. Tap into it and unleash your true potential. It’s time to show the world the inner power you possess.

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