The role of psychedelics in human history

Psychedelics have long been a part of human history, generally utilized as powerful healing tools by the community’s shamans

or spiritual leaders. There are many such examples: the Native Americans’ use of peyote, the Africans’ use of the iboga tree, the Mexicans’ use of psilocybin mushrooms, and of course the Amazonian Shamans’ use of ayahuasca. There are even churches of ayahuasca and other psychedelics such as peyote.

There are many legends and theories regarding the role psychedelics play in our lives. For example, the Mexican shamans’ legend states that psychedelic mushrooms grow in spots where Christ’s blood fell on the earth.

Some think that the “burning bush” that allowed Moses to hear God’s voice, was actually an indigenous plant that contained DMT. Dr. Rick Strassman, in his book Dmt: The spirit molecule theorized that DMT is actually the gateway through which our souls enter and leave our bodies, as we can observe a large release of DMT in the brain during times of birth, death, and when the embryo is 7 weeks old, which is when it starts differentiating into male or female and when the Christian church claims that the soul enters the body. DMT releases can also be observed in our brains (in much smaller quantities) during meditation as well as when we sleep. The latter leading some to theorize that this is actually what makes us have dreams. There are even theories that psychedelics

were the key that allowed us to gain our cognitive capacity and evolve as a species. Regardless of whether these legends and theories are true or not, it is undeniable that people have always had an interest in altered states of consciousness. We definitely think that this is a part of what interests people in our ayahuasca retreats. We’re irresistibly drawn to such experiences as there seems to be an underlying realization that there’s something missing from our ordinary existence. If all we have to do with our lives is perpetuate the species and follow the paradigm that has been given to us by others, then wh

y are we even here? Why do we have the capacity to reason and make our own decisions if all we have to do is what our parents or teachers tell us, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, and die? Just the fact that we’re able to realize this and have capacity for self awareness means that we have the possibility to live our lives differently, to be the masters of our own destiny, the doors to which can be unlocked during our ceremonies and or retreats

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