The Virgin Mary is a model for women of every class and age group.  The Quinceañera ritual is valuable for the religious message it sends, not only to young people, but also to parents, grandparents, godparents, and the entire parish in calling us to prayerfully join with youth in making a commitment to God and the Church.
Celebrating your daughter’s Quinceañera is a wonderful event for you, your family, friends, and the Church.  It is a special day to celebrate what God has accomplished in your daughter over the last 15 years.  The world was blessed when God created her.  The Church was blessed when you as parents presented her for Baptism.  Our parish of Ekklēsía Iwigá Catholic Church is blessed as you present her to God on the day of her fifteenth birthday.
We, as the family of God, congratulate you.  We are committed to making this day memorable.  To help with this, please read our guidelines carefully so that you may prepare for this celebration in a meaningful way.  We pray that this day will be a blessing to you.


General Information

You do not need to be registered at Ekklēsía Iwigá Catholic Church to request a Quinceañera Blessing for your daughter.  To schedule contact the parish office at least six months in advance.  
The candidate must have received the Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation, and Repentance before the ceremony is scheduled.


Quinceañeras may be celebrated within the Mass with a Priest or within the Liturgy of the Word with a Deacon. Quinceañeras may be scheduled on Saturdays at 10 AM or at 2 PM. Quinceañeras may not be celebrated on Sundays or during the Lenten season.  We are happy to celebrate your Mass in any venue.

  1. At Ekklēsía Iwigá Catholic Church, we do not charge to celebrate the Quinceañera Blessing.  Parish clergy may receive honoraria and gifts from quinceañeras, but it is important to note that clergy never charges any fees for his or her services.  Free-will offerings (The Law of Amra) are often made to him or her or to the parish.  As given to us by Christ (Matt 10:8), it is sinful, sacrilegious, and rude for any cleric to ask for money while performing his or her sacred ministry

  2. 3 Months in Advance: Schedule a meeting with the Parish Rector.

  3. Day of Event: Attend rehearsal one hour prior to the Mass.

Reconciliation (Confession)
All Quinceañeras must receive repentance (confession) no

later than two weeks prior to their celebration.  In order to

accompany you during the ceremony, your court must receive reconciliation.  You/your court may go to confession at any

Catholic Rite (i.e. Roman, Old, Eastern, Orthodox, etc.) church.

We look forward to celebrating such a

beautiful day with you and give thanks to our

loving God for all the blessings received. 


For further information, please contact us at info@iwiga.com or contact a clergy member directly.


Ms. Evelyn Hurtado XV 2017

(Niece of Fr. Justin)