If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us…

"Repentance" (metanoia) literally means a "change of mind," even a change in attention, we believe the call to "repent" is really a call to look and go within, to turn away from looking outward toward the world.


In original Christianity, and we think you'll like this, "metanoia" was used metaphorically to describe a "change of heart" through embracing the gnosis.


Repentance and Gnosis Kardiaskardias - inner gnosis of the heart. Unlike, for example, Buddhism is unquestionably all about mind, earliest Christianity was about "metanoia" through the practice of gnosis
 kardias - which is to say that original Christianity is heart-based although it is also mindful or mind.


Repentance is not required but encouraged for spiritual growth and humility. However, if a person has weighty things on their mind that they do wish to confess to a priest, the possibility to do this is provided. 


The mystery of repentance (confession) has four elements, three on the part of the penitent (contrition, confession, and satisfaction) and one on the part of the minister of the Mystery (absolution).

If you are in need of the mystery of repentance, please contact the Center's archpriest, Father Jay.