Protection during


All of our ceremony facilitators (maestr@s, shamans, and teachers) are well versed in how to protect the Ceremonies from dark interferences. You will be held at all times in a place of light and love. It is important that your facilitator knows how to protect the space for all participants so they are safe from any unwanted or negative influences. Not many retreat facilitators or sitters know how to do this. 


Our shaman has decades of experience holding a healing space in ceremonies and is a certified shaman blessed by the elders to carry the medicine. Physical, mental and emotional safety is important, but so is spiritual safety. It is important that you have protection from forces you are not able to see.


Justin Palomo can see these forces, see your aura during ceremonies, and see what kind of spirits are around. He reports that there are many angels and light beings around each ceremony. They pull dark energy out of the ceremony when people release emotions and mental, spiritual or physical illnesses and they send the energy back to the void where it disappears back into the nothingness. The released energy returns to becoming raw creation material again, waiting for a new assignment by consciousness.


The angels working with you and protecting the Ceremony are:


  • your own guardian angels who called you here to do this work on yourself

  • specialist angels who work with specific issues for removal, like PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, fear, and life purpose guidance

  • protection angels who keep the space clear

  • angels and light beings who work specifically through these medicines


The shaman places a gridwork of light around the ceremony and all participants so they can go through whatever they need to go through in safety and peace. You are perfectly safe in a ceremony at Ekklesia Iwiga Center for Spiritual Renewal. 


You are also safe physically because we always have someone on standby if there are any medical issues. We are in a civilized area so medical facilities are always nearby if you should feel you need that. No one has ever had a medical emergency though. Sacred Plants are very safe medicines. 

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