Rev. Justin Palomo, M.Div, S.T.L., Ph.D.

The Rev. Dr. Justin Hurtado Palomo is the founder and Spiritual Director of Ekklesia Iwiga. He received his BA in Psychology from Ottawa University and his Masters in Divinity from The EE-Old Catholic Theological Seminary. Justin's doctorate is in Psychology and Spiritual Counseling/Pastoral Care (Ph.D.).  In 2016, Justin graduated from The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a diploma in Transformational Life Coaching. 


Justin believes that each person has the divine right to seek, understand, and live the True Spiritual Life in their way. 


He was born into a rich heritage mixed with a mosaic of aboriginal peoples. Especially important for Justin were his grandmothers. Each in their respective communities was considered owirúames ("the one that heals").  From his ancestors, he has learned the importance of herbal medicine and the connection of Spirit.   For generations, people have turned to his mother, grandmothers, and aunties in his family for healing.  These healers used herbal medicine from the local environment, often based on remedies learned from older generations of wise women.  Wise women heal with their love, praise, nutrients, and focus on the person rather than the problem. This is the way of his grandmothers. Although these nourishing ways may have slipped into the background of our Western system of health and healing, they have not been forgotten. Justin weaves these ways into his modern practice.   Furthermore, Justin holds the belief that the afterlife is a mirror image of the mortal world and that good deeds should be performed—not for spiritual reward—but for the improvement of life on earth.


His experience includes two and a half decades of learning, education, and personal exploration with teachers of meditation, spirituality, eastern and western Christian mysticism. 


A "near-death experience" at the age of thirty-eight has guided his journey to understand how the immensity of the Soul and the Container of the Body can inform the other with wisdom and harmony.

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